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Ford Motability Car Adaptations

A wide range of adaptations are available for your car to help you drive more easily. 

If you require adaptations to help you drive your vehicle, such as hand controls or a wheelchair lift, we can help.

The following are just some of the adaptations that can be made to a car purchased through the Motability Scheme to assist you:

  • Radial mechanical hand controls
  • Push/Pull Hand Controls
  • Floor mounted push/pull hand controls
  • Secondary controls
  • Infra red steering device
  • Pedal guards and flip up throttles
  • Indicator switch
  • Lightened power steering
  • Electronic accelerator and electronic brake system
  • The ghost accelerator
  • Under ring accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Electronic twist grip accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Trigger electronic hand controls
  • Electronic satellite accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Radial electronic hand controls
  • Over ring accelerators
  • Electronic pull accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Infra red steering devices
  • Steering devices
  • Lightened power steering
  • Reduced sized and removable steering wheels
  • Pedal guards
  • Pedal extensions
  • Pedal extensions with a raised floor
  • Removable pedals
  • Hinged pedals
  • Left foot accelerators

In addition to adaptations that can help you drive, there are a range of adaptations available that assist your access to and from the vehicle:

  • Swivel seats
  • Person hoists
  • Occupied wheelchair lift
  • Tip up plates
  • Occupied wheelchair lift