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Car Protection

Protect your car inside and out with our range of car protection accessories.

We offer a range of accessories to look after your vehicle, protecting your pride joy and your investment too. All accessories are tailored to specifically fit your car and supplied either by Ford, or by authorised specialist partners, such as Thule, Climair and Eibach.

Interior protection

The inside of your vehicle is a nice place to be, thankfully a number of accessories are available to keep the inside of your car looking and feeling at its very best.

From door-sill scuff plates to carpet or rubber floor matscargo retaining netsdog guards or a boot protector keeping the inside of your car clean and tidy has never looked so good.

Exterior protection

Sometimes the real world can provide some tough terrain and challenging conditions. To avoid dirt and damage to your vehicle. To help protect your vehicle Ford offer mudflaps, and rear bumper load-protection for most vehicles with additional options tailored to your vehicle.

Car protection accessories are available for…

Visit the Ford accessories website to get an accurate list of the parts and accessories available for your model.