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Wild New Kuga good news for the environment

Here it is, Ford’s All-New Kuga, sharing Ford’s latest, fresh and athletic design philosophy that makes the Kuga an even more attractive proposition and up to 230mpg! (Yes, you read that right), here’s how…

It’s unusual for us to kick off by chatting about engines, however the technology on All-New Kuga includes a range of exciting new Hybrid and traditional power plants which are really worth knowing about:

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Powered by a 2.5 litre efficient Atkinson-cycle petrol engine, the PHEV version of the Kuga is complemented by an electric motor that helps add power (totalling 225PS) and efficiency by supplementing the engine, meaning it has to work less hard to achieve better all-round performance. At times when an engine is typically least efficient, i.e. crawling around town, the Kuga is capable of running on EV power alone; up to 31 miles in fact. For many of us, that may be our full commute to work and back. To put that into perpective, if you were working here at Cuff Miller in Littlehampton, it could theoretically take you from Pulborough, Chichester or Shoreham-by-sea and back on a single charge depending on the conditions.

Charging to 100% will take about 4 hours from a 230v power supply and the car will automatically recover energy from braking to keep topping the 14.4KW battery back up. Range isn’t an issue of course, with the car able to continue on powered by its engine for as long as you have fuel.

The net result is that Ford anticipate the Kuga could deliver 100km on 1.2l of fuel which roughly translates to 230mpg, with emissions of only 29g/km of CO2. Impressive stuff.

If you are in a position where you aren’t able to regularly plug in your Kuga though, there is still plenty of choice:

Hybrid: Using the same efficient 2.5 litre Atkinson cycle engine and a full-hybrid powertrain and with a choice of two or all-wheel drive, this option allows you to enjoy the benefits of hybrid, including electric-only running without plugging in and around 50mpg.

Mild-Hybrid: Using a system involving a clever starter-motor generator that recovers energy via a 48v battery, the MHEV variant Adds an electrical boost to the 2 litre Diesel EcoBlue engine and results in returning around 56mpg,

Traditional Engines: A range of petrol Ecoboost and Diesel Ecoblue engines are also available, again with front-wheel or intelligent all wheel drive.

It’s not just the range of engines that we’re excited about though.

We think the Kuga looks great. Sitting a little lower in profile than the existing car and looking particularly good in this ST-Line trim, with optional 19″ alloys, the curvy design and signature front grille give the car real presence. There’s some magic that’s gone into the building of it too, the new car is 10% stiffer and 90kg lighter than the outgoing model and is capable of towing 2,250kg meaning it is now even more practical.

There’s more space than before too, with added shoulder, hip head and legroom (Ford noting the latter at being over a metre); thanks to a sliding rear seat-row that can be folded flat or moved forward to increase cargo space by a useful 76 litres.

One feature we particularly liked was the reversible boot carpet, velour one side and rubber on the other. Neat touches Ford say, that have been developed as result of speaking to you, the drivers.

As with all new Ford cars, the range of available technology is exceptional. Wireless phone charging? Check. B&O sound system? Check. Phone app connectivity? Of course, you’ll be able to check fuel, tyre pressures, even remote lock, unlock and automatic models remote start your car using the brilliant Ford Pass Connect system.

Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Sync 3 are set to come as standard and a full 12.3″ LCD screen that will also feature in the new Puma will be available too. We’re looking forward to playing with this when vehicles land with us in the showroom.

We could fill an article with the full range of driver assistance technology available (and plethora of acronyms that go with them); ranging from intelligent cruise control; bringing you to a stop and back up to your desired speed in traffic, to self parking and even technology that will warn you if you are turning into a ‘no entry’ road. There really is so much to talk about, we’d suggest popping in and sitting down with a cup of tea for a chat.

Want to know more? Why not get in touch and we’ll update you with news about the Kuga. Or, if you want to see some of the new technologies in action, why not take a look at the All-New Focus, or Ford Fiesta here at Cuffs.

In the meantime if you want to see more, why not watch our video below.


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