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Ford Motability

Ford Motability car adaptations

A wide range of adaptations are available for your car to help you drive more easily.

Ford Motability

If you require adaptations to help you drive your vehicle, such as hand controls or a wheelchair lift, we can help.

The following are just some of the adaptations that can be made to a car purchased through the Motability Scheme to assist you:

  • Radial mechanical hand controls
  • Push/Pull Hand Controls
  • Floor mounted push/pull hand controls
  • Secondary controls
  • Infra red steering device
  • Pedal guards and flip up throttles
  • Indicator switch
  • Lightened power steering
  • Electronic accelerator and electronic brake system
  • The ghost accelerator
  • Under ring accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Electronic twist grip accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Trigger electronic hand controls
  • Electronic satellite accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Radial electronic hand controls
  • Over ring accelerators
  • Electronic pull accelerator and mechanical brake
  • Infra red steering devices
  • Steering devices
  • Lightened power steering
  • Reduced sized and removable steering wheels
  • Pedal guards
  • Pedal extensions
  • Pedal extensions with a raised floor
  • Removable pedals
  • Hinged pedals
  • Left foot accelerators

In addition to adaptations that can help you drive, there are a range of adaptations available that assist your access to and from the vehicle:

  • Swivel seats
  • Person hoists
  • Occupied wheelchair lift
  • Tip up plates
  • Occupied wheelchair lift
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At Cuff Miller we have a dedicated Motability sales team. If you have any questions or wish to arrange a test drive please get in touch.

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