Ford car finance

We provide 4 finance products to help you buy your next car.

Ford Options

1. Ford Options

Ford Options is our Personal Contract Purchase plan which offers you the flexibility to renew your car more often.

Features include:

  • Drive a new Ford car more often
  • Fixed regular payments
  • Interest rate fixed
  • Reduced service and repair bills
  • Renew, Return or Retain your Ford at the end

Ford Options Cashplan

2. Ford Options Cashplan

Ford Options Cashplan is ideal if you want to put down a large cash deposit and do not want to be tied to regular instalments.

Features include:

  • No regular payments
  • Drive a new Ford car more often
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Optional Final Payment protects against fall in value
  • Renew, Return or Retain your Ford at the end

Ford Acquire

3. Ford Acquire

Ford Acquire is our traditional hire purchase plan that’s convenient to arrange and with flexible terms to suit your needs.

Features include:

  • Traditional form of car finance
  • Interest rate fixed for the loan duration
  • Fixed regular payments to suit your needs
  • Choice of repayment periods from 12 to 60 months
  • Deposit may not be required
  • You own the car at the end of the agreement

Ford Personal Lease

4. Ford Personal Lease

Ford Personal Lease provides simple, alternative funding that is ideal if you don’t want to own your vehicle.

Features include:

  • Rentals fixed for the hire period
  • Regular rentals to suit your needs
  • A choice of repayment periods
  • Hand the vehicle back at the end

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Independently Inspected by the RAC

Vehicles in our workshop are independently inspected by the RAC to ensure they meet the high Ford standards for servicing and repair. The checks are conducted at random on customer vehicles throughout the year and include physical and visual quality checks.

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